Minirez is a cloud-based reservation system which provides real-time bookings for hotels, dynamic Tour, Gulet, Caravan, Charter Flight, Transfer services.

Mini Payment System

You can get paid on your website, Get paid by link. Minires is simple, seamless and secure.

Online Hotel Check-IN

100% Mobile compatible - allow your Guests to get Check IN from anywhere with Internet without having to download an app


Why Minires?

Minires will not only increase the cooperation opportunities of the hotels and travel agencies, but also provide brand new services to the guests.

Create your Booking Engine for Hotels

B2C Global Distribution System

We have a surprise for you! All your travel needs all in one package!

The details of the surprise are too many to tell, so here is the summary. Minires is a cloud-based program that offers Artificial Intelligence Scoring, hotel reservation, online check-in, tours, yacht, caravan and transfer services in a real time B2C Bed Bank.

Minires offers B2C tour packages, transfer services to its partners. Also, with a multiple participant feature, it is possible to add other accommodation options to expand your portfolio.

Minires, is a platform primarily for travel agencies and hotels, which can sell more than 2,500 tours, yacht, caravan and transfer services in a fast and convenient way. With real time 3D Payment Technology, 145 different currencies including EUR, USD and GBP are provided, with a total of 16 different languages. Moreover, travel agencies can offer Hotel + Tours + Transfer as packages to its customers with dynamic rates.

All members of Minires can update their hotel rates and room availabilities and add a reservation engine to their website. In addition, guests can do online check in through the hotel’s website thanks to the cloud-based platform Minires.

Hold on Tight!

Travel agencies can create their own unique websites as; they can add properties and, tours and transportation services that exist on the system. Travel Agencies can get coaching through all the steps starting from creation of the website to reservations. That way, agencies can provide services all around the world in addition to their existing business.

Come on! Start making money with your self-made brand 24/7 even when you are sleeping.

Create Your Travel WebSite


Design your professional website with Minires! It adds the hotel, tour, transfer services available in the system to the portfolio of travel agents registered in Minires and offers 12 installments to its guests from “” on its website with 3D payment technology with B2C real time, abroad with $ € in foreign currency. offers the possibility of payment.


Hotel and Agency Plans

Our plans are economical and suitable for every business size. Choose the one that suits you best. *Service; All services added to the system, such as Gulet-Yacht, Caravan, Camping, Tour, Transfer, Charter Aircraft, etc.

Hotel Pro

  • Commission per sold room %15 B2C
  • Commission per sold room %10 BE
  • Add 1 + More Hotels
  • Booking Engine
  • Online Hotel CheckIN
  • Payment System
  • Sub Agency Network

Acente Pro

  • Commission per sale %10
  • Add 1 + More Hotels B2B or B2C
  • Add 1 + More Service B2B or B2C
  • Booking Engine
  • Sub Agency Network
  • Payment System


  • B2C Travel Website
  • Commission per sale %10
  • Add 1 + More Hotels B2B or B2C
  • Add 1 + More Service B2B or B2C
  • Booking Engine
  • Sub Agency Network
  • Payment System

AI Price scoring | Channel Management | Virtual Pos Integration

We Start Channel Management Integration! Based on 120 criteria, we will score the most accurate price for you. In addition, our integration with 5 banks has been completed. hotels and travel agencies can receive payments by sms from their guests using the minipay payment system.

Minires Story

Our company started with a bright but simple idea. If the guests can check in online on the plane, why not in the hotels?

Mesut OK

OnlineCheckIN is a Cloud based website integrated tool that we install to hotel's website's for the guests who may prefer to complete the check-in process through an online form before their arrival and get their rooms quickly upon the arrival after their long and exhausting trips. Reservations could be made either through the online agencies or hotel's own website. Hotels can collect the guest information needed during check-in time such as identity, transfer and flight information, requests regarding the attractions, upgrade requests via a smart multilingual module integrated into the website which requires just a wi-fi connetion. Software also automatically recognizes the users own language and switches to that language right away.

Online Hotel Check-IN

Online Hotel CheckIN is Winner of the işteBU innovative entrepreneur project competition.

Online Hotel Check-IN


işteBU innovative entrepreneur project competition

This is the 9th time organized by Boğaziçi University. OHC was chosen first among the projects that made it to the finals in the Innovative Entrepreneur Project Competition. The award and final ceremony took place on March 13 at Boğaziçi University Albert Long Hall.

Online Check-In Our project is given free of charge for hotels under the roof of minires.

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