Globales Vertriebssystem für Boutique Hotels

Globales Vertriebssystem
für Boutique Hotels

Minirez ist ein Cloud-basiertes Reservierungssystem, das Echtzeitbuchungen für Hotels, dynamische Reisepakete und Transferservices bietet.

Mini Payment System

You can get paid on your website, you can get paid by sms from your mobile phone with the Online Payment System.

Online Hotel Check-IN

100% Mobile compatible - allow your Guests to get Check IN from anywhere with Internet without having to download an app


Warum Minirez?

Agencies, Hotels and Tours in Russia, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey

Willkommen in der Welt der Vorteile von minirez global bedbank

Boutique Global Distribution System

Minirez is a cloud-based reservation system which provides real-time bookings for hotels, dynamic tour packages and transfer services.

Operated with SMS 3D payment technology, Minirez offers its domestic users to pay interest- free 12 installments as well as multi-currency payment rate for international transactions Travel agencies can easily enrich their portfolio by adding the hotels, tours and transfer services registered in Minirez system. Moreover, Minirez allow agencies to sell their products from their website ( to individuals in a B2C model.

The agencies subscribed to Minirez system can also add their local products and services into another agencies’ portfolio which will enable another B2C channel.

The hotels engaged to Minirez Booking Engine can update their room inventory and set new rates freely as well as creating dynamic packages such as Transfer + Hotel + Tours.

One of the distinctive features of Minirez is the cloud base check-in service which allows guests to finish their check-in process prior to their arrival to the hotel.

Awards; Minirez (Online Hotel CheckIN) project was awarded with the grand prize of the Entrepreneur Project Competition which was organized by Bogazici University in 2017.

Erstellen Sie Ihre Reise-Website

Gestalten Sie Ihre professionelle Website mit Minirez! Es erweitert das im System verfügbare Hotel-, Tour- und Transferservice in das Portfolio der in Minirez registrierten Reisebüros und bietet seinen Gästen 12 Raten von „“ auf seiner Website mit 3D-Zahlungstechnologie mit B2C-Echtzeit im Ausland mit $ € in Fremdwährung. bietet die Möglichkeit der Zahlung.


Hotel and Agency Plans

Our plans are economical and suitable for every business size. Choose the one that suits you best. *Service; All services added to the system, such as Gulet-Yacht, Caravan, Camping, Tour, Transfer, Charter Aircraft, etc.

Hotel Pro

  • Add 1 + More Hotels
  • Booking Engine
  • Online Hotel CheckIN
  • Payment System
  • Sub Agency Network

Acente Pro

  • Add 1 + More Hotels B2B or B2C
  • Add 1 + More Service B2B or B2C
  • Booking Engine
  • Sub Agency Network
  • Payment System


500/ Setup fee
  • B2C Travel Website
  • Add 1 + More Hotels B2B or B2C
  • Add 1 + More Service B2B or B2C
  • Booking Engine
  • Sub Agency Network
  • Payment System

AI Preisbewertung | Channel Manager | Virtuelle Pos-Integration

Wir starten die Integration des Channel Managements! Basierend auf 120 Kriterien erzielen wir den genauesten Preis für Sie. Darüber hinaus wurde unsere Integration mit 5 Banken abgeschlossen. Hotels und Reisebüros können Zahlungen per SMS von ihren Gästen über das Minipay-Zahlungssystem erhalten.